4 Ways to Wear Red, White & Blue on the 4th of July

Wow, I can’t believe how fast June has flown.  I apologize for how long it’s taken me to post again…with work, day trips to the beach, and hiking upstate, I’ve been pretty booked!  And now my 2nd favorite holiday is only a week away.  I love the 4th for many reasons – warm weather, yummy BBQs, family get-togethers, fireworks, and usually a concert or two (Summerfest and Country USA are taking place in Wisconsin this week).  Next Wednesday I’m flying home to Milwaukee to spend a long weekend with mia familia, and I’m so excited to see them as well as catch up with some high school friends!

On today’s post, I’ve pulled together four very different looks for various 4th of July occasions.  Let me know which is your favorite!!

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Monogram Madness!

I hope your summer is off to a great start!  I’ve been busy this past week, juggling work, friends and gym-time.  I went to the Belmont Stakes races yesterday – what an awesome experience!  I loved witnessing race-day fashion firsthand, and had fun keeping track of the various horses I placed bets on – too bad I didn’t win big!  I wore this floral J. Crew dress featured on a previous post, with Jack Rogers wedges, pearls and sunnies, and a big hat of course!


It’s no secret I’m a big fan of monograms – there’s something chic about putting your personal spin on anything from tote bags to pillows.  (Not to mention should you misplace your monogrammed phone case, no one else can claim it!)  Today I thought I’d share my favorite monogrammed pieces, as well as a few I have my eye on!!

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Right Now I’m Loving…

My job has many perks, but my favorite has to be Summer Fridays – 1 PM release to start the weekend off early!  Today, I ate lunch in Bryant Park with a friend, watching the jugglers impress tourists and little kids giggle with delight on the carousel.  In the midst of hectic Midtown, Bryant Park is a beautiful, tranquil oasis with tables to play chess, musicians performing, and people of all walks of life simply enjoying a break in the middle of the day.  I love going to the park when I’m feeling antsy at work or overwhelmed with life in the city.  And, I even got a workout in before the rest of the Upper East Side was out of work today (:

On today’s post, I thought I’d share with you some trends or styles I’m really into right now.  With summer quickly approaching, now is the time I switch up my beauty regimen, wardrobe, and accessories.  What are you loving right now?

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Stella & Dot Summer Style

Well the cat’s out of the bag – last Friday morning I traveled home to Milwaukee to surprise my mom at a birthday luncheon in her honor!  I had been keeping this trip a secret since March & was so excited to be back in Wisconsin.  A huge shout-out to my extended family for keeping quiet and helping me to pull off a fabulous birthday surprise (:

The weather was absolutely gorgeous – 80′s and sunny this time of year is very rare for WI – so we spent most of the weekend by the pool in our backyard reading, playing cards, and listening to baseball over the outdoor speakers.  Of course, my mom and I did a little shopping, too – I can’t wait to share my finds with you (: I really was spoiled – my parents grilled some incredible meals (Brats! Burgers! Lobster! Steak!) and we even stopped for custard at our favorite spot in Cedarburg, Robert’s.   It was so great seeing my parents and my sister, whom I hadn’t seen since since December.

I also had a lot of fun playing “dress up” with my mom Lisa, who has recently become a personal stylist for Stella & Dot.  If you haven’t heard, Stella & Dot is a boutique-style jewelry and accessories company that allows its stylists to become independent small business owners through trunk shows, online marketing, and word of mouth.   These unique pieces are super chic, right on trend, and very affordable.   My mom has already hosted 3 parties and has been super successful!  If you are interested in hosting a party or simply would like to purchase a piece from her, please contact her at stelladot.com/lisakelly – I am so proud of her hard work, and very excited to share my favorite pieces with you!

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Summer Getaway Essentials

I can’t believe Memorial Day is coming up!  Starting this weekend, practically every New Yorker migrates out of the city on Friday at 5 to escape the smelly garbage and burning sidewalks.  I am excited to take a few beach trips myself – even though I don’t have friends with homes in the Hamptons or on the shore, I’ve discovered a few great spots for a cheap weekender or fun daytrip.

When it comes to these short jaunts, packing light is key – no one wants to spend more time packing and unpacking than they do soaking up some rays on the beach!  Check out these Polyvore collages I made & let me know what you’ll be packing this summer!

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When in Doubt, Throw on a Blazer

A blazer is a perfect transitional piece and should be a staple in any girl’s closet.  In college, blazers were my go-to for student organization meetings, interviews, and business school presentations.  Now as a young professional, I wear a blazer just about anywhere: work, out for drinks, running errands on the weekend…

A well-structured blazer complements even the laziest of outfits, and also is great for chilly spring mornings – when it warms up in the PM, just fold it up and stick it in your bag!  Check out these 3 totally different looks I put together, all centered around a great blazer!

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5 Things I Learned from my Mom

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to reflect on everything our moms have taught us over the years. I’ve been very fortunate to have a close relationship with my mom Lisa – I truly consider her to be one of my best friends. We communicate daily about mundane topics like the antics of Fritzie our family dog, as well as serious topics like how to approach a tough situation at work or how to handle living in a new city far away from family.

Throughout my life, my mom has provided me with a plethora of (solicited and unsolicited) advice about boys, school, fashion, work, friends…pretty much everything under the sun. However, a few of these lessons have really stood out. Here are the top 5 (out of a million) things I’ve learned from my momma :)
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Let’s Get Physical

I’m sure I’m not the only one trying to get their bikini body ready for the summer – I can’t believe Memorial Day Weekend is 2 weeks away!  Surprisingly, I’ve stuck to my New Years Resolution this year, & have managed to make it to the gym 4-5 times a week.  But just because I’m working up a sweat at the gym, doesn’t mean I can’t look cute in the process!

I truly believe that when you look good, you feel good, which is why you won’t see me on the elliptical or lifting weights in an old t-shirt and leggings.  I know many people think that high quality exercise clothes and accessories are expensive, but take it from me – it’s possible to find cute, comfortable workout gear without blowing your entire paycheck on $100 sheer leggings.  Today I’ll share with you some tips I’ve picked up along my get-fit journey!

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Anchors Away!

It’s no secret, I definitely gravitate towards nautical colors, prints, and themes.  However, I didn’t really realize how ridiculous my obsession is until I cleaned out my closet a few weeks ago in preparation for Spring.  Case in point: I have at least 4 pieces of clothing covered in anchors – pants, a skirt, a dress, and a t-shirt.

One of my personal style rules is obviously stick with what works – of course, trying new trends, patterns, and shapes is essential too.  However, preppy, nautical clothes suit my personality, so why not embrace it?!  I’ve put together 3 anchor-themed outfits (2 of which I’ve worn in the past week), after you check them out, comment & let me know which is your favorite! : )

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